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Hi, I'm Fredrik!
Web Developer.

I'm all about building user-friendly web applications.

My educational background in Computer Science and previous roles as Founder and User Researcher has led me on a path to Web Development. For the past years, I have been learning TypeScript, React and Next.js.

About me

I am a driven, ambitious person who always strives to create value through quality.

Previously, I was a User Researcher at Spotify and Co-founder of a Series A MedTech start-up. I hold a master's degree in Computer Science specializing in Immersive Technologies at Stockholm University with the highest achievable GPA.

I am especially interested in everything web-based and the cutting-edge technologies around it, as well as in AI and its application in vital industries.

In my spare time, you can find me on hiking trails, ski slopes, or running the streets of Berlin.

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Please contact me directly at [email protected] or through this form.